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August 3-5, 2018 | Bethany Retreat House, Dickson, TN

Becoming Re-storied :
A Weekend Retreat of Story, Self-Exploration, and Empathic Encounter

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Cost per person: $350 suggested cost (sliding scale payment options available). All expenses included, including five meals. 10 spaces available.

Description: Our stories are drowning in the noise of our world. We are not listening well to each other, or to ourselves. Despite our global connectedness, we often feel estranged from even our neighbors. And yet, the call is clear for the need for us all to play our part in healing the divisions around us. It can be difficult to know where to begin—especially if we do not know and own our story. But we all have medicine to offer the world, and we can find it through story.

Over a weekend at the gorgeous Bethany Retreat House in Dickson, Tennessee, you are invited to join author, facilitator, and storyteller Michael T. McRay for an exploration into story. With a group of ten, we will consider our sense of vocation, delve into our own personal narratives, encounter with empathy the stories of each other, practice deep listening, and envision how our stories can lead us toward a fruitful engagement with the needs of our world.

What the world truly needs is more people who are awake and alive to themselves. Learning our stories is part of what will help us to get there.

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