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What do I usually speak about?

My Writing | Reconciliation | Forgiveness | The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict | Storytelling| Incarceration and the Death Penalty |  Nonviolence

NOTE: My talks on any given topic are rooted in personal stories.

February 2017. Photo credit: Rex Harsin

You can see videos of me speaking here!

I also can be hired free-lance for:

  • facilitation
  • mediation
  • event hosting
  • interviewing
  • writing, particularly narrative-based


Frequent Talks

I will consider speaking on any topic within my lived experience. To get your imagination going, here are some already-prepared talks and presentations I do:

  • Israel-Palestine 101 
    • I teach a multi-week class, often in churches, on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, starting with the rise of political Zionism and ending at current day. The course includes theology, history, politics, personal storytelling, reconciliation theory, and more.
  • Letters from “Apartheid Street” 
    • Telling stories from the book
    • Discussing the work of Christian Peacemaker Teams in Hebron
    • The need to challenge the single story
    • Rehumanization
  • How to Dismantle an Enemy
    • Through personal anecdotes, I explain that in order to dismantle the notion of enemy, we need proximity, curiosity, and humility
  • The Confinement of Christ
    • Using selections from my prison chaplaincy stories in the appendix of Where the River Bends as well as other personal stories, I discuss the need for Christians to get proximate to prisoners, since that’s where Jesus said we would find him
  • The Stories That Might Save Us
    • Stories from my 2015 international story-gathering project in Israel-Palestine, Northern Ireland, and South Africa
      • Instagram pictures available
    • Explores the tensions between “justice” and “reconciliation”


Where have I spoken before?

Here are some…


Speaking Compensation

If you would like me to come speak to your group, here are my standard rates.

  • Multi-week class in the Nashville area – $250 per week
  • Local talk in Nashville (or within one hour drive of Nashville) – $500
  • Regional talk (within four hours drive of Nashville) – $750, plus travel reimbursement for gas, food, and–if needed–housing
  • National talk (anywhere more than four hours drive from Nashville) – $1000 base honorarium for overnight trip, plus an additional $500 for each additional night; flights, food, and housing costs should be covered as well
    • NOTE: If possible, I prefer for my wife Brittany to accompany me. If you agree to pay for her flight as well, I will reduce my base honorarium to $800.
  • International talk – $750 per day, plus all trip costs

*I am aware that many groups do not have big budgets, so these rates are negotiable. Please don’t be shy about reaching out, even if it appears you can’t afford the above costs.

Want me to speak? Let’s talk. Get in touch below.

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