My first N4 facilitation. Marlborough School in Los Angeles. August 2017. I’m first one on left.

Narrative 4 is a global network of authors, educators, students, and artists who use the power of personal stories to build empathy and spark collaborative change.

The N4 core methodology centers around a story exchangewhich pairs participants and asks each participant to their partner’s story in the first-person. The story exchange works on a simple idea: If I can hear your story deeply enough to retell it in my own words, as if it happened to me – and you can do the same for my story – then we will have seen the world through each other’s eyes.

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In December 2017, I became a Narrative 4 Master Practitioner-in-Training. As an MP, I:


At Narrative 4 2017 Global Summit in Limerick, Ireland. Photo cred: Deirdre Power.

  • am trained in up-to-date facilitation practices,
  • work with N4 leadership to train new facilitators in the story exchange,
  • lead specific story exchanges,
  • run webinars,
  • set up off-site professional development opportunities and trainings for individual educators and others who wish to become facilitators,
  • and ensure that the facilitators I have trained follow N4 guidelines and best practices.

 Want N4 to Run a Story Exchange for You?

At home in Nashville, I run Narrative 4 story-exchange programs regularly in the community. Early partners with the Faith & Culture CenterLipscomb University, Nashville International Center for Empowerment, and No Exceptions Prison Collective, focusing on issues of immigration, interfaith, and incarceration.

See calendar below for upcoming Narrative 4 Tennessee story-exchanges! Get in touch if you’d like to be part of one or to host one in your community or organization.

“We are Narrative 4”

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