My first N4 facilitation. Marlborough School in Los Angeles. August 2017. I’m first one on left.

Narrative 4 is a global network of authors, educators, students, and artists who use the power of personal stories to build empathy and spark collaborative change, particularly with young adults.

The N4 core methodology centers around a story exchangewhich pairs participants and asks each participant to their partner’s story in the first-person. The story exchange works on a simple idea: If I can hear your story deeply enough to retell it in my own words, as if it happened to me – and you can do the same for my story – then we will have seen the world through each other’s eyes.

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As of October 2018, I’m now the Southeast Regional Manager for N4, working to build a thriving regional hub in these southern states. Since Winter 2017, I’ve contracted with Narrative 4 as a Master Practitioner Candidate, running story-exchange programs regularly in my home communities. Early partners in Nashville were the Faith & Culture CenterLipscomb UniversityNashville International Center for Empowerment, and No Exceptions Prison Collective, focusing on issues of immigration, interfaith, and incarceration.

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“We are Narrative 4”

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