Everything Changed at Auschwitz

Originally published this with the Tokens Show Blog on June 19, 2015.  It was December 2008. He said only one sentence to me, but that was enough. Everything changed.   Poland was cold. Snow covered the ground, and the occasional drizzle of rain sent shivers down our already shivering spines. I had heard of Auschwitz […]

From Behind the Walls: Encountering Jesus under Lockdown

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen complications, I have had to remove this series. Apologies for any inconvenience. Michael M.

On the welcome table: A Thanksgiving Reflection

Belfast, N. Ireland (Save for occasional tweaks, this reflections remains as I originally wrote it for Thanksgiving 2010. I thought I would recycle it here. I send a special shout out to Lee C. Camp and the Tokens Show for inspiring this reflection after their November 2010 production “The Welcome Table” at the Ryman Auditorium […]

On crucifixion and lynching, part 2

Belfast, N. Ireland In David Tombs assessment, sexualized violence may be one of the most significant correlations between crucifixion and lynching. Citing a few historical records (due to time, he could not share more), brutal sexualized violence – such as castration or genital impalement – were known features of some crucifixions, even during the 1st […]

On crucifixion and lynching, part 1

Belfast, N. Ireland (DISCLAIMER: Graphic details of sexualized violence and images of lynching contained herein.) Yesterday I attended a seminar my professor David Tombs gave at ISE, at which he read a paper he is presenting today at a conference in Chicago. The paper is looking at the new book The Cross and the Lynching […]

On heaven

Belfast, N. Ireland Lately, I have been musing over the concept of heaven, and what we might mean when we say it. Though I’ll say this anyway, it certainly goes without saying that all of us claiming Christianity (not to mention other faith traditions that have similar notions) have significantly nuanced understandings of heaven – […]

On religion

Belfast, N. Ireland “I’m really not that religious.” I hear this all the time. Often such a phrase follows statements like, “I definitely have my spiritual beliefs, but…” or “I would certainly say I’m spiritual, it’s just that…” etc. I understand what folks mean – at least I think I do. They seem to be […]