WE SEE NO ENEMY: A New, Must-See Documentary on Palestine

WE SEE NO ENEMY: A New, Must-See Documentary on Palestine

(To watch the film, visit the website: http://www.weseenoenemy.com) “The truth of story is transfiguration. People’s minds are rarely changed by abstracted information. Otherwise we would weep every time we watch the news. I think people’s minds are usually changed by encounters that question our reality. And I don’t think stories always try to answer all […]

Journey through Conflict Workshop, pt. 3

(final part) Potential Pitfalls of ‘Storytelling’ Storytelling is not without pitfalls, however. Aside from the obstacles presented by the term storytelling itself, such a process can have destructive consequences.[1] Especially regarding “one-and-done” encounters, story sharing may actually allow participants to hear just enough of others’ stories to solidify feelings of superiority, increase bigotry, and justify […]

Journey through Conflict Workshop, pt. 2

(continuing…) “I AM” For the “I AM” exercise, the facilitators asked us to spend our first evening reflecting over numerous “I…” statements, such as “I feel…”, “I think…”, “I see…”, “I wonder…”, etc. Included were three “I AM…” statements, giving us chances to touch upon a few important aspects of our perceived core identities. The […]

Journey through Conflict Workshop, pt. 1

Nashville, TN, USA (The next few posts will be sections from my “Conflict Transformation” assessment reflecting over the residential experience in Corrymeela mid-November. Hope you find it worthwhile.) The Journey through Conflict residential experience in Corrymeela guided me into new depths of intrapersonal reflection and interpersonal relationship. Whereas self-reflection and human relationships are paramount in […]

On storytelling

Belfast, N. Ireland Upon certain subjects, there can be no end to musings. Upon some events, ideas, or practices, we must ruminate continually, never doubting their relevance or perhaps even profundity. For me, storytelling is such a practice. Good stories are like rivers, eroding away our facades to reveal haunting and beautiful images of what […]

On Columbus Day

Belfast, N. Ireland In light of the U.S. holiday of Columbus Day, I find it prudent to pause and revisit the ‘American hero’ who my country of origin celebrates today. Some businesses and schools close down for the day, folks grill out (if the weather permits), and in this technological age, Facebook statuses and tweets […]