Where I’m From: A Poem

Where I’m From: A Poem

For four days at the end of June, I attended the annual summit of Narrative 4 in Limerick, Ireland. Before arriving, we were asked to craft a poem about where we’re from. Here’s is mine, in three parts, as I wrote it in June 2017.  

POEM: Pádraig Ó Tuama’s “Affirmative Action”

Belfast, N. Ireland I recently began reading Pádraig Ó Tuama’s book of poetry Readings from the Book of Exile (London: Canterbury Press Norwich, 2012). Insightful in its profundity and subtlety, his poetry pushes us to the edge of our pods of comfort and forces us to look beyond, to others and our communion with them. […]

On poetry

Poetry is a world too often left unexplored. The reading, writing, and listening of poetry are disciplines that more of us should practice more often than we do. Renowned international peacebuilder John Paul Lederach writes in The Moral Imagination that we should actually consider poetry a central component of the peacebuilding process. Poetry (or, more specifically for his […]