Where I’m From: A Poem

Where I’m From: A Poem

For four days at the end of June, I attended the annual summit of Narrative 4 in Limerick, Ireland. Before arriving, we were asked to craft a poem about where we’re from. Here’s is mine, in three parts, as I wrote it in June 2017.  

Gospel Rewrite: Jesus and Healthcare

Gospel Rewrite: Jesus and Healthcare

This was originally posted at Red Letter Christians on March 30, 2016. To read an intro to the Gospel Rewrite series, click here. To read the original gospel stories, click here. In December I began working for a non-profit law firm that provides free assistance to vulnerable Tennesseans trying to access affordable health care. One of our […]

Creating Painful Space Inside Ourselves: Thoughts on Wombs and Compassion

Creating Painful Space Inside Ourselves: Thoughts on Wombs and Compassion

This piece was originally published on the Tokens Show Blog on Sept 17, 2015.  I am not a mother. This must be clear as I begin writing thoughts that involve wombs: I don’t have one and never will. I never spent much time thinking about wombs. I suppose the word has most often conjured up […]

Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity: Haikus from a Churches’ Forum on Homosexuality in Northern Ireland

Sometimes, I take notes in haikus. John Paul Lederach taught me this, though I’ve never met the man. In his brilliant book The Moral Imagination, he writes of the art of haiku as the art of finding simplicity on the other side of complexity. I have found that listening at conferences or meetings through the filter of haiku […]

What Are You Bringing With You? On Burdens, Baggage, and Blessings

Originally published this on the Tokens Show Blog on July 16, 2015.  Out my window, rain droplets slip from the leaves of trees rising from the garden near Thomas Merton’s grave. I have journeyed up here to the Abbey of Gethsemani for a few years now, perhaps making some fifteen or more trips with my […]

On the welcome table: A Thanksgiving Reflection

Belfast, N. Ireland (Save for occasional tweaks, this reflections remains as I originally wrote it for Thanksgiving 2010. I thought I would recycle it here. I send a special shout out to Lee C. Camp and the Tokens Show for inspiring this reflection after their November 2010 production “The Welcome Table” at the Ryman Auditorium […]

On ikon

Belfast, N. Ireland (What I am writing here is not an analysis or representation of Ikon. It is an analysis of my interpretation of Ikon.) Tonight, I attended my first Ikon event. What is Ikon you ask? For me, describing Ikon is like trying to describe what it is like to feel warmth to someone who […]

POEM: Pádraig Ó Tuama’s “Affirmative Action”

Belfast, N. Ireland I recently began reading Pádraig Ó Tuama’s book of poetry Readings from the Book of Exile (London: Canterbury Press Norwich, 2012). Insightful in its profundity and subtlety, his poetry pushes us to the edge of our pods of comfort and forces us to look beyond, to others and our communion with them. […]

On storytelling

Belfast, N. Ireland Upon certain subjects, there can be no end to musings. Upon some events, ideas, or practices, we must ruminate continually, never doubting their relevance or perhaps even profundity. For me, storytelling is such a practice. Good stories are like rivers, eroding away our facades to reveal haunting and beautiful images of what […]

On good intentions

Belfast, N. Ireland As part of my assigned reading in preparation for a new class tomorrow called Community Learning and Reflective Practice in Northern Ireland (in which we volunteer with different organizations for six months – I will be working with the monks of Clonard and the good people of Fitzroy Presbyterian in their reconciliation […]

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