Thank God for Lisa: A Story of Why I’m Affirming

Thank God for Lisa: A Story of Why I’m Affirming

As I became friends with Pádraig and Paul … I recognized something that I knew well from my own life—love. Genuine love. I watched the way they touched each other’s faces and hands with tenderness, said each other’s names with affection, missed each other when the other was away—and I knew exactly what all that felt like. I no longer saw what difference it made if it were for someone of the same sex.

I Have A Confession: A Personal Story of Generosity (or lack thereof)

I Have A Confession: A Personal Story of Generosity (or lack thereof)

Long Street in Cape Town is aptly named. The journey along this street from my Airbnb to the Waterfront takes around 30 minutes, and I walked it twice today. As I hurried up the street this evening, tired from over six miles of walking and excited to curl up with a hot cup of tea […]

Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity: Haikus from a Churches’ Forum on Homosexuality in Northern Ireland

Sometimes, I take notes in haikus. John Paul Lederach taught me this, though I’ve never met the man. In his brilliant book The Moral Imagination, he writes of the art of haiku as the art of finding simplicity on the other side of complexity. I have found that listening at conferences or meetings through the filter of haiku […]

Hurry Up and Matter

This reflection was originally published here on the Tokens Show Blog on August 6, 2015.  “On April 9, 1989, it was 364 days until I turned one.” If I tried to write the story of my life, this might well be the opening sentence. I have always anticipated the next thing in my life; discontentment […]

The Platform, pt 2: A Short (Non)fiction Story on Encountering Ourselves

To read part one, click here.  Sometime later, the Man returned to the platform. He found it unchanged as he stood on the burgundy carpet, scanning the rooms along the corridors. When he saw Fear at the far end of the right corridor, he invited Fear to join him. As Fear approached, the Man noticed two […]

What Are You Bringing With You? On Burdens, Baggage, and Blessings

Originally published this on the Tokens Show Blog on July 16, 2015.  Out my window, rain droplets slip from the leaves of trees rising from the garden near Thomas Merton’s grave. I have journeyed up here to the Abbey of Gethsemani for a few years now, perhaps making some fifteen or more trips with my […]

The Platform: A Short (Non)fiction Story on Encountering Ourselves

In the beginning, there was a platform hovering in a vast expanse of void. Endless nothingness surrounded the platform. The only visible light came from the dim lamps glowing along two corridors on either side of the platform. These corridors ran parallel, bridged together by the platform in the middle. The surface of these corridors, […]

Everything Changed at Auschwitz

Originally published this with the Tokens Show Blog on June 19, 2015.  It was December 2008. He said only one sentence to me, but that was enough. Everything changed.   Poland was cold. Snow covered the ground, and the occasional drizzle of rain sent shivers down our already shivering spines. I had heard of Auschwitz […]