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Frequent Talks

  • Israel-Palestine 101 
    • I teach a multi-week class, often in churches, on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, starting with the rise of political Zionism and ending at current day. The course includes theology, history, politics, personal storytelling, reconciliation theory, and more.
  • Letters from “Apartheid Street” 
    • Telling stories from the book
    • Discussing the work of Christian Peacemaker Teams in Hebron
    • The need to challenge the single story
    • Rehumanization
  • How to Dismantle an Enemy
    • Through personal anecdotes, I explain that in order to dismantle the notion of enemy, we need proximity, curiosity, and humility
  • The Confinement of Christ
    • Using selections from my prison chaplaincy stories in the appendix of Where the River Bends as well as other personal stories, I discuss the need for Christians to get proximate to prisoners, since that’s where Jesus said we would find him
  • Stories That Might Save Us
    • Addresses the current political moment and the need for stories that tell the truth of where we are while also orienting us toward hope
    • Ties in the themes of “how to dismantle an enemy”
    • Stories from my 2015 international story-gathering project in Israel-Palestine, Northern Ireland, and South Africa
      • Instagram pictures available
    • Explores the tensions between “justice” and “reconciliation”
    • Shares about the remarkable work of Narrative 4 in addressing the “empathy deficit”
  • Value of Storytelling Workshop
    • Looks at why stories and language matter, how they shape us, why we tell stories, and offers tips for telling better stories.

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