Michael T. McRay

A New Daily Advent Reader for Peacemakers

This is the Advent reader I’ve been waiting for: diverse, timely, and topical. Along with my friend Claire Brown, I’ve been working throughout the end of October and early November to assemble this remarkable list of contributors for a daily Advent reader focused on what the Advent season has to say about peacemaking.

Subscribers will hear from writers who are black, white, LGBTQ, Latinx, Palestinian, incarcerated, Native American, Australian, Irish, South African, clergy, laity, activists, authors, organizers, and more. Every day, readers will get delivered to their inbox a daily reading, unique reflection from one of the above writers, prayer, and spiritual practice crafted by Claire Brown.

You don’t want to miss this. Tell all your friends. In this time of great division, this is the Advent reader we need.

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